HB Oboe Reeds

Each and every HB Oboe Reed is 100% hand made by Heidi Brann.  She has been making reeds for well over 25 years. Her reeds are of exceptional quality, have a warm tone, even scale, and are hand made for you to your required diameter and strength. They give an oboist the ability to bring a variety of color into their playing. Heidi's reeds are now a source of great, colorful playing to oboists around the globe and she hopes you experience the same! A graduate of The Peabody Conservatory, she studied the oboe and reed making with Sara Watkins, Jill West, Ray Still, Harry Sargous and John Mack.

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  1. Student Oboe Reed - HB Oboe Reeds

  2. Professional Oboe Reed - HB Oboe Reeds

  3. Protec Oboe Reed Case - HB Oboe Reeds

  4. HB Gouged Oboe Cane - HB Oboe Reeds

  5. Student Reed Knife - HB Oboe Reeds