Rose Reeds is owned by Jenny Charles, a professional oboist residing and performing in the Chicagoland area. As well as teaching private lessons for over 10 years, she is also a band director at a local middle school and a founding member of the chamber group "thesix". In That time, she has gained a very accurate picture of what students need from their reeds, and ensures that every reed is complete and ready to play!

"My first priority in reed making is to make a reed responsive and easy to play on, even in my professional level reeds. Secondly, that each reed consistently plays in tune at 440. I am very careful to check the octaves in the upper register so the reed does not require pinching or biting to get it in tune. Once these two elements are present, a beautiful, warm, full sound always emerges."


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  1. Beginner Oboe Reed - Rose Reeds

  2. Intermediate Oboe Reed - Rose Reeds

  3. Professional Oboe Reed - Rose Reeds

  4. Oboe Reed Blanks - Rose Reeds

  5. Gouged Shaped Oboe Cane - Rose Reeds

  6. Gouged Oboe Cane - Rose Reeds