1x6 Atoma Diamond Plates

Atoma Diamond Plates 1x6 for Edge Pro, Hapstone, and TSProf sharpeners. #140, #400, #600, and #1,200 Grits

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1x6" Atoma Diamond plates use advanced diamond technology designed to cut faster, last longer and leave a more consistent finish at each grit level. The 1x6 Atoma diamond plates are secured to a standard 1x6" aluminum blank which is compatible with the Edge Pro, Hapstone, and TSProf, and can also be used as slip stones, field stones and pocket stones.

Atoma Diamond plates can be used dry, or with water.

Atoma Diamond plates come in 4 grits, please choose your grit from the dropdown menu above.

    Atoma 1x6 Grit         Price    
#140 Extra Coarse $70.00
#400 Medium $70.00
#600 Fine $70.00
#1,200 Extra Fine $70.00
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Width 1
Length 6
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